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Software, Hardware, and Operating Solutions
For Distributed Health Care Networks and Providers

Get notified of exclusive trial programs like:

  • Mobile Client Alerts
  • Automatic Document Back-up
  • Employee Tablet Program


Automatic File Backup

We auto save your files so you don't have to.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay up to date on all client referrals and discharges.

Team Communication

Keep your coordination team up to date on client changes.

Works on Any Device

Our technology works anywhere, and on any device.

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Our focus on security means you can rest easy knowing your client data is totally secure. 
100% Focused on Health Care
Because we are focused only on health care, our tools are perfectly tailored to your industry.
Solutions for Distributed Teams
Whether your a multi-office practice or a tele-health provider, we will connect your team. 
Custom Features
We go beyond just customer support and will continue to build new tools for your business, just ask.